Is the future of the movie industry linked to your mobile?

Strange question ? Well not really in fact.

3 billion humans, more or less, have mobiles ( Each mobile is an integrated communication device, via voice but more and more via SMS ; but also a payment mechanism via premium SMS and Operator billing. Growth has not yet reached saturation, in fact some countries have a penetration rate of over 100% ! This means that there are another couple billion people yet to come online.

What has been seen from the mobile industry is that many people who cannot access the web via a PC connection because the cost or the lack of cyber cafes often use their phones as internet browsing devices.The number of users from independant sources is around 1 billion users that access the web via a mobile device. Last year 9.3 billion dollars of music and 5 billion dollars of videogaming were spent using the mobile device (source Netsize).

Our mobile properties like and have seen great growth from more than 120 countries around the world including visitors from Kiribati in the Pacific! We are not alone many of our colleagues in the mobile internet industry have seen the same kind of growth.

So what does all of this mean for the Movie Industries… from Hollywood to Bollywood without forgetting the rising star of Nollywood ? 

It means that if you want to get people to see your movies, if you want to make extra revenue from ancillary sources you need the mobile internet! In fact you can’t ignore it for your own survival.

How ? What can be harnessed ?

Well some things are already being done like SMS campaigns and Premium SMS numbers to win things. But frankly that is starting to get stale and people want and really demand more…

Like mini sites that are as engaging as the web sites with plenty of goodies.
Like mobile video game franchises that are on the mobile as soon as the movie is out.
Like interactive quests and quizzes that make use of the killing time aspect of the mobile internet.. always on, always connected…
Like short films and franchises that are made specifically for mobile video viewing.
Like recaps of a shows and movies in a mobile video format.

And the list goes on.. I am sure many of you in the mobile industry could add to that list.

So this is a warning call.. to the movie industry don’t miss the mobile internet bus!

Shaun Zelber –

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