Sundance 2009 Jan 15-25

Thematically, the lineup for the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, announced Wednesday, marks a noticeable generational shift.So says fest director Geoff Gilmore, who will preside over the presentation of 118 feature-length films, including 91 world premieres. The pics in this year’s lineup show “an awareness of the world that wasn’t there a dozen years ago. It comes from the Internet, from a realization that America is not cut off from the rest of the world,” Gilmore said.

Sundance will unspool Jan. 15-25 in Park City, Utah.

Entries in the four competition categories, which were announced Wednesday, were selected from among 3,661 submissions (up slightly from 3,624 a year ago). Of these, 2,038 narrative features were considered for the U.S. and world dramatic competitions, and 1,623 domestic and foreign documentaries were submitted.

“There’s quite a bit of romance and melodrama in this year’s festival, a lot of genre, a lot of emotion. But I think it’s a type of escape that’s not necessarily escapist,” Gilmore said. “Over the last couple of years, audiences got tired of films that directly engaged the Iraq War and other heavy subject matter. This year there’s an eclecticism and a breadth of storytelling that will see audiences perhaps open up to things they haven’t seen before. There’s not a single focus.

1 Comment on Sundance 2009 Jan 15-25

  1. brontheron // December 18, 2008 at 4:44 am //

    I can’t wait for sundance!
    My film did not make it in this year so I went forward and got a venue and a performance artist to throw a show on the 19th of jan!
    I will be screening two films “primal rap”( my baby)
    and a graffiti documentary i helped produce “Day in the Lyfe” (bastard child)
    then we have ghost face killa from wu tang playing that night
    the event starts at 2pm
    at Star Bar
    258 main st
    park city UT

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