Films, Festivals and Mobile plateforms

Many interesting developments in this mini sector (literally and symbolically) of the movie industry.

The Sundance Institute operators of the Festival of the same name, have announced launching not it’s own mobile film festival but rather a well thought out iPhone App that allows art film fans from around the world to participate in the festival.

The application can be used both at the festival at Park City with program guide trailers, event schedules, GPS venue locator  and also for those fans who can’t attend but wish nevertheless to participate. They can follow via Facebook, Twitter and Flickr as well as get exclusive interviews and trailers.

This is just one example of course of how the movie industry is learning to harness the power of the mobile media channel.

Added to this are the games that often accompany movies. Of course this has been there before but 2009 has confirmed this trend. Example the blockbuster Avatar which looks set to bust all records of viewers and earnings launched it’s own game across all platforms as well as on mobiles such as the iphone/iTouch platform.

The game play is surprisingly good and engaging as it is built on the Assassins Creed 2 platform. It is interesting to see of course how the mobile heavy weights such as LG or Nokia continue to use movies as a platform to promote their hi-tech devices. It is obvious that mobile devices especially the touch ones are great gadgets to watch movies or TV shows while on the move. Following are the words of someone from the industry who sums it up well :

Frank Chindamo, president and chief creative officer, Fun Little Movies: “In 2010, everyone with a mobile phone will realize they’re also holding a really cool video player, and start watching what they want to watch, when and where they want to watch it — instead of having crappy over-hyped TV shows shoved in their faces.”

We look forward to seeing how this will develop in 2010.

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By Fab Poller

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