Berlin Film Festival 2011: The Future of Miranda July

Feb 25- Berlin

In her latest effort five years after the indie hit, “Me and You and Everyone we know” Miranda July delivers the portrait of Sophie and Jason an odd couple. Both thirtyish, they live together in a one-room apartment; both hate their professions, and their relationship seems to have run up against a brick wall. They spend most of their time online, which doesn’t do much to help their relationship. A joint project and an increased sense of responsibility might be useful in such a situation. And so Sophie and Jason decide to adopt an injured cat that needs to be nursed back to health.

July’s “future” will certainly please the regular Festival amateurs of indie oddities this year again. “The future” a low budget almost experimental film is the fruit of an ususal co-production between Germany and the US. Both Gerhard Meixner and Roman Paul expressed their enthusiasm at the press conference today about the co-production and applauded the way the US party handled and supported the whole project. However it proved to be a challenging enterprise.

To qualify for the regional subsidies brought in by the German Co-producer Razor Films, “Future” producers had to spend 150% of the money received in the region with the goal to bring production to Berlin whilst sticking to the initial idea to shoot in LA. Roman Paul admited that it needed to be shot in L.A; because “it is set in L.A and if you bring it out to Berlin it loses the local flavor you need”!

To satisfy conditions that included a german Certificate of origin, it was also necessary to do Post-production in Berlin and bring the crew members to the US.

“The Future” is a melancolic and idiosyncratic at times soporific take on loss, love and longing and the somehow cruel passing of time that we, as powerless human beings continually strive to lay control over.

By Fab Poller

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