Berlinale Talent Campus 2011

Ralph Fiennes whose directorial debut (Coriolanus) premiered at this year’s Berlinale was special guest at the Talent Campus forum yesterday, along with Director István Szabó.

The celebrated actor and Director who worked closely together on SUNSHINE, an epic tale that follows the Hungarian Jewish family, Sonnenschein, through five generations, also discussed what it takes for a director to get actors to step into their roles with an ease that brings out convincing performances.

Fiennes also stars in the Coriolanus which depicts the victories and ultimately the demise of Corionalus. Caius Martius (Fiennes) arrives back victorious in the city-state (A place called itself Rome). He has defeated Aufidius, leader of the rebel Volsces and won the city Corioles, hence his new name Coriolanus. Urged on by his mentor Menenius and his ambitious mother Volumnia, Martius is expecting to receive the highest position in the senate; but Opposers Cassius (Ashraf Barhom) and Tamora (Lubna Azbal) turn the crowd’s reaction into a violent rejection of their proposed leader. Martius ends up banished, leaves his home and family only to join forces with Aufidius so they can assault Rome together out of vengeance!!!

By Fab Poller

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