Ocars 2016: Our predictions:

LA Times

LA Times

Actor leading role: This is definitely Leo DiCaprio’s year or is it? If he doesn’t lay his hands on the golden statue this year I guess it will start smelling like a conspiracy!!

*Actress leading role: Cate Blanchett Because…well, just because she’s Cate Blanchett and pretty much everything she touches turns into gold. If she actually gets it again, this will be her third oscar. However watch out for Charlotte Rampling/Brie Larson as they are strong contenders

*Actor supporting role: Mark Ruffalo/ Mark Rylance
we are rooting for Ruffalo, but this is not without acknowledging Rylance‘s performance which was absolutely fantastic in “Bridge of spies”

*Actress supporting role: Rooney Mara/ Kate Winslet (Rachel Mc Adams would be a nice surprise!)

*Best Director: Most likely A.Iñárritu again, which would make him a winner two years in a row. “The Revenant” will scoop all major technical awards too. G.Miller strong contender (Mad Max)

*Best film: “Spotlight” The film has scooped pretty much all major awards during this Awards season and is one of the most compelling we have seen this year.

By Fab Poller

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