The good wife has left the building


It would have been easy to dismiss “The good wife”as just another mediocre man-hating, so-called women empowering, most-likely short-lived effort when it first aired 7 years ago and I certainly did.

Of course I was completely wrong, the show now over, actually turned out to be a bit of a broadcast TV gem.

A gem yes but attached to a grilling schedule, with 22 or 23 episodes a season during 7 years. Creators Robert and Michelle King crafted what is already considered as a landmark moment in television, basically a show part of a fading breed that managed to address the issues and struggles of our modern society from abortion, to political corruption, gun lobbying, gay marriage, international relations, web related conflicts and the NSA tactics.

Above all it was a story about Alicia Florrick, the protagonist whose husband, Peter Florrick the state’s attorney (played by Chris noth) is taken down by a sex scandal!

From that moment onwards we witnessed the evolution of woman bruised but still standing, smart, passionate, vulnerable, enigmatic.

In the courtroom, Alicia Florrick  brillantly portrayed by Julianna Margulies, saw the law as the exercise of power, for good, for justice.

Ultimately it was a show that was more about, lives entangled in the realm of a complex judicial system and the weight of human nature conflicts.

by Fab Poller

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