“King of the Belgians” to premiere at 73rd International Venice Film Festival

King of the Belgians, the fourth feature film by Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth,unnamed, will have its world premiere as part of the Orizzonti Competition at the 73rd International Film Festival of Venice which takes place from August 31st until September 10th 2016. It has already been four years since a Flemish film, The Fifith Season by the same directors, was part of an Official Competition in Venice.

Nicolas III is on a state visit in Istanbul when Wallonia, Belgium’s southern half declares its independence. The King must return to save his kingdom. But a powerful solar storm distrusts all telecommunication and air traffic. The King and his entourage are now stuck in Istanbul. With the help of a British filmmaker they manage to escape from Turkey, incognito among a group of Bulgarian singers. Thus begins an odyssey through the Balkans in which the King discovers real life and himself.

Main actors are the royal Peter Van den Begin, Titus De Voogdt, Lucie Debay and Bruno Georis. Other actors are Pieter van der Houwen, Nina Nikolina, Valentin Ganev and Goran Radaković. Director of Sound was Michel Schöpping, Ton Peters Director of Photography and David Verdurme editor.

The International Film Festival of Venice is the oldest film festival in the world and, together with Cannes and Berlin, one of the three most important film festival. Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth first started with their film Khadak (winner of the 2006 Lion of the Future in Venice in 2006) followed by Altiplano (Selection of Critic’s Week in Cannes in 2009) and The Fifth Season (International Competition in Venice in 2012) and are now continuing their successful festival trail with King of the Belgians.

“It’s an honor to represent Belgium once again in Venice, this time with a road movie in which an unlikely Belgian delegation loses its way in the Balkans”, says Jessica Woodworth.


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