Juliette Navis, Hiam Abbass ©attitude 100/Virginie Suredj

Berlinale 2017

Philippe Van Leeuw’s huis clos describes people in an extreme situation that gives rise to extreme behaviour. Taskmaster Oum Yazan is trying desperately to keep together her family life whilst outside a war is raging.

There is hardly any water and every trip outside the door spells danger on account of the snipers on the rooftops above. While Grandfather plays with his little grandchild, the oldest daughter flirts with her boyfriend in her room. Next door a young couple with a baby are planning their escape. Up above, threatening noises can be heard.

Who’s that knocking at the door? who are there strange men outside, looking for valuables? Just a few shots are necessary to draw the viewer into the permanent state of emergency that is war.

Set in an apartment that was once  a warm familiar home  and has now become a prison. Every decision could be a matter of life or death: is it morally acceptable to sacrifice one member of the family to guarantee the survival of the others? A gripping story exposing a threatened family fighting for survival and dignity.

Written and directed by Philippe Van Leeuw

Producers Guillaume Malandrin, Serge Zeitoun

by Fab Poller


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